Dekoban® Premium Static Cling Window Film is a high-quality product for those who are looking for an easy and non-invasive way to decorate windows and to isolate themselves from the curious looks of their neighbors. It allows to replace traditional products like curtains, blinds or blinds offering both privacy and sunlight.

Static Dekoban® Premium does not require any glue, but only the application of a thin layer of water to the surface of the glass during application with a sprayer is recommended. The static properties of the film are also retained after it has been removed, so it can be used multiple times.

Dekoban® Premium Static Cling Window Films are also an interesting product for use also on other glass surfaces such as interior doors or glass tables. They can also be used as an element of decorating / ensuring the intimacy of shower cabins.

Dekoban® Premium Static Cling Window Films Premium are available in 18 attractive designs and in 3 sizes suited to your needs.

Without glue!

The application without using a glue. It use just the phenomenon of static force.

Privacy, without loosing day light

Traditional window products do not give both benefits at the same time, either the customer has privacy either a sunlight.


It can be used repeatedly and does not leave marks after disassembly.


It has a TÜV certificate. It can be used in the environment and on objects used by children.

Washable and tough

Durable and easy to clean. Resistant to cleaning agents and detergents*.


A great, cheaper alternative to sandblasted window panels, shutters or blinds systems.
* check your detergent on a piece of foil before using it.

For the application of Dekoban® Premium Static Cling Window Film:
- prepare scissors / a knife for cutting and a ruler
- measure the window and cut the foil to the correct size
- clean the surface to which the foil will be applied (for better effect, the glass can be sprayed with water)
- remove the protective layer and apply the foil to the window
- smooth the surface with your hand or squeegee

See how easy it is!

Dekoban® Premium static films are available in 18 attractive designs and in 3 sizes suited to customer needs: 45x150 cm; 67.5x150 cm; 90x150 cm. The code under the picture represents catalog number for each size and design.

We invite distributors of decorative articles, interior finishing and window decorations to cooperation.

We provide:

  • Excellent product in a modern design on convenient purchase conditions.
  • Availability of goods with a fast delivery from our European headquarters.
  • Effective merchandising system as well as sales and marketing support.

Merchandising concept of Dekoban® Premium Static Cling Window Films offered by us is successful in large DIY chains as well as in smaller outlets. Display and sample book can be offered in any language.

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